How to Hack a blogspot?

 How to Hack a blogspot?

3 mathod this is a issue solved

1. - Nowadays the sky is the limit and nobody is 100% secure so hello yes you can do anything you desire on the off chance that you truly have a few abilities yet know somebody will come for you on the off chance that you do such illicit stuff. I will recommend to remain way from it however on the off chance that you are interested to realize how hacking functions and use it positively i.e white cap hacking then proceed to search for white hack seminars on various sites which sell learning program on various themes.

2.- Alright so first that is totally bad, second there is distant chance of doing that. You should realize that blogger is a google item and each google item is associated with the gmail ID .. i.e the gmail-email id is the key not the blogId n the off chance that you need to turn into the creator of any blog facilitated at google (blogger) then, at that point you'll need to initially hack into the gmail record of that individual and afterward you can add new creator in blogger and eliminate the first one and thus the recently added creator will become administrator and old one will lose all rights .. Yet, Its not legitimate..

3.-  Indeed Possible, 

In web world the sky is the limit… Security is only an elusion.. 

You can hack site utilizing sql infusion… 

also, numerous technique are accessible for that.. 

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